In Oklahoma Medicaid Matters

Meet Erin

Medicaid matter to my family. Meet Henry, my youngest of five children, where we live in Oklahoma City.  Henry is a wildly popular 7th grader, community volunteer and youth disability advocate.  He was born with a complex congenital heart condition and underwent eight cardio-thoracic surgeries and a heart transplant by five years old.  In the process, he incurred a dual hemisphere brain injury.

My family relies on TEFRA which provides secondary medical insurance after my private insurance (as Mom is a state employee) pays.  Without TEFRA, Henry’s out of pocket medical expenses would landmine my family financially.
Because of protections in the ACA, I know Henry cannot be denied coverage if I move to a different employer, due to the pre-existing conditions.  It also means I can keep Henry dually covered until his 26th birthday.  This also matters because his older sister, with a significant mental health diagnosis, is attempting college and needs my employer coverage. Medicaid and the ACA, for my family, allows both parents to keep working, and my children to have supports for safer lives.