In Illinois Medicaid Matters

Meet Judith

I am a Disability  Activist. I was born with Cerebral , unable to walk. Fortunately my father’s workplace insurance afforded me  the then-experimental  surgery, supplies, and physical therapy I needed  to be able to walk with difficulty.

Fortunately,  until I received  my master’s degree,  and in all of the jobs I held  throughout my career,  I had  decent health insurance. Thank goodness.
By the age of forty-three, I was gainfully employed full-time, a power wheelchair user, a homeowner,  employer of  personal assistants for activities of daily living, and had urostomy surgery.
 In 2015 ,  everything changed, I lost my job of 16 years AND MY HEALTH INSURANCE .  Like anyone in that situation, I was devastated. At that time,  the Affordable Care Act still existed as written. I applied, I qualified, I got a plan. At that time ,  Illinois Medicaid expansion still existed, so thankfully I received a medical card.
I now have peripheral vascular disease, a colostomy ,  and very fragile skin and bones. What would I do without Medicaid or the ACA?
The real answer : my organs would shut down and I would die.
Die at the age of forty-six ? Not me.
I am a fighter.  I enjoy life.  Do not take it away from me prematurely.