In Connecticut Medicaid Matters

Meet Kathleen

Our daughter Kerry is 29 years old. After 6 years and 3 appeals with her disability claim, the decision was found fully favorable January 2017. It was a grueling, arduous process. I could write a book but suffice it to say that it’s been a helacious journey. Kerry was born with a mid-line cleft, diagnosed as legally blind at 3.  Began to develop OCD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.  Was outplaced to a therapeutic secondary school, unable to continue any further education.  Her teen & early adult years were tumultuous, packed with violent rage attacks, multiple arrests, numerous inpatient stays. She struggles deeply with interpersonal relationships and has alienated family members & friends. Kerry has not been able to sustain any gainful employment.   She will continue to need a closely monitored support system for the rest of her life.  Her awarded monthly amount is yet to be determined as Social Security reviews her meager history of W2’s.  She’s applied for & receives food stamps & Medicaid.  She is fully invested in & works diligently with her therapist who has valiantly led her to a place of acceptance with her lot in life.

As an aside, yet totally relevant, I work as an elementary school special education para-educator. The balance is tipping horrifically fast & heavy with special education students as well as students with severe behavioral issues.  It is unconscionable to imagine the impact of losing the ACA, Medicaid and any other programs that would leave a host of human beings literally lost, destitute & homeless.
We strongly urge our representatives to fight for keeping these quality of life programs in place.