Meet Colleen

For as long as I can remember, I have been fighting for disability rights. This is partially the result of being born disabled during a time when the disability rights movement was only getting started as well as my passion to seek social justice. My advocacy in combination with my personal experience as a disabled woman has made me painfully aware there is massive misunderstanding surrounding disability in America. This is why we must push our leaders, especially those we elect to govern, to do better by connecting with disability without patronization. I believe it is important we hold our leaders accountable for how they treat people with disabilities both with their words and their position on policies that impact us. It’s time our politicians recognize and discuss disability politics.

There are leaders all across the country who value disability rights, and who are ready to push the disability rights movement in a positive direction.  It’s up to us to elevate these leaders and make sure they get elected so they can protect and expand our rights as people with disabilities.  As Executive Partner and Treasurer to Disability Action for America, I look forward to connecting with you to make sure that happens for the 2018 mid-term elections.

The most dangerous misunderstanding about disability is the overwhelming belief that having a disability is the problem. Contrary to popular belief disability itself is not the problem.  Disability itself is not the cause for over 59 million disabled Americans being limited from reaching their full potential.  The real problem causing social and economic oppression of people with disabilities is the extreme lack of accessibility. The inaccessibility epidemic is a huge deal! The accessibility problem limits about  20% of our population because every one in five people is a disabled person.  Even when disability access is granted for people with disabilities it is almost always an after thought. Don’t forget President-elect Trump only provided accessibility to his businesses after being sued and found liable in court to do so under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Together we can fix the accessibility problem by electing leaders who understand, and value, disability rights.  

As Trump’s administration begins to move into the White House, it becomes more and more important we take action to protect our rights. Disability rights have never been under attack as much as they are right now – never before in disability history has people with disabilities freedoms been so threatened.

Disability rights are likely to shrink under a Trump presidency. As we approach the first 100 days of President Trump we must stay vigilant in our fight for equal rights for people with disabilities. Remember President-elect Trump has shown no indication he will make any positive impact for our community. The only mention of disability he ever made from the campaign trail was when he denied mocking a disabled reporter.

I sincerely hope you join the resistance with Disability Action for America. Make sure you subscribe to our action alerts to stay informed about important calls to action to defend disability rights and promote progressive leaders who care about our values. 

Right now on Capitol Hill scary threats are being made to disability social justice. The future of disability rights can not afford us to delay in taking action!  The uncertain and alarming political times we live in are what motivated me to contribute my time, money, and talent to Disability Action for America. If you are able please make a financial contribution to fuel our work. Together we can keep the inclusion revolution moving in the right direction.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you at the intersection of disability rights and social justice. In the meantime tweet me ideas for how we can win the fight for disability rights.