Defend Independence

Senators are going home for Independence Day, and Disability Action for America is getting to work stopping them from taking our independence away.

For hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities nationwide, Medicaid is the only insurer who will provide the medical equipment and Long-Term Services and Support (LTSS) that they need to work, live independently, and participate in the community. If the Senate healthcare repeal passes, medicaid funds would be slashed by up to 25%, and these vital services would likely be first on the chopping block. People who today are thriving, contributing members of their communities would be forced into institutions against their will, and some might not survive at all.

That’s why we’ve created a social media campaign highlighting the ways Medicaid preserves and promotes independence, innovation, and service to others. Entitled Defend Independence, our campaign showcases people with disabilities who are creating innovative technologies, promoting independent living, and helping young people with disabilities find employment–all because Medicaid has their backs. It will also highlight the vital importance of Personal Care Attendants, who thanks to Medicaid, can provide for themselves and their families while helping people with disabilities achieve independence.  

Kellyanne Conway says people who lose medicaid coverage should just go out and get jobs, but we know the truth: Medicaid protects and creates employment, and we intend to make sure it continues to. This bill would do more than take away the healthcare of millions of Americans–it would tear innovators and advocates and teachers away from their communities, and hurt everyone who depends on them.

People with disabilities will not allow that to happen. We will call, we will show up, we will protest, and we will demand our Senators #DefendIndependence.

On July 4th, we celebrate our Independence. This year, let’s fight to keep it.

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