To Millions #MyMedicaidMatters


Medicaid makes it possible for many people with disabilities to live in the community.

Today there is an urgent need to protect Medicaid from total destruction.

Without it many people with disabilities could no longer contribute to the community, maintain employment, or living with independence and dignity.  Do not allow the GOP to destroy  disability rights as well know it with Medicaid block grants and per capita caps. 

Below are stories about why Medicaid matters. Read them. After that take action and amplify these stories on social media to make known why Medicaid matters to disabled Americans and families.

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If you have a story about why Medicaid matters to you or your family please email us your story.



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  1. In Texas Medicaid matters because it saved my life, on several levels: physically, emotionally, and maintains a level of dignity necessary to live independently. Our lives have been nearly destroyed by forces we cannot control, thus health care is especially essential to those whom never had a chance to have a normal adulthood. Already privatized via contracts, my medicaid is with Superior Health Plan… specialists on the plan mostly refuse to see me unless I also have medicare, which I do not. Begging, suffering without needed care I deal with daily, typically unable to get a in our books . Interestingly Centene’s the parent corp. ‘s CEO earns more than 100k off denying me Generic Effexor XR to help curtail sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations, and esp. cataplexy

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